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The Astronomy of Language



Selected Poems

Parking Mimi

Driving down 68 today the old van rose up

My Old School  

Eye Poem


Death is a wind that will carry you off 

Parking Lot Knowledge  

In Winter Dog Time

In God's eyes

Taos Mountain Love Song

The Chores of Eternity


I Will Wait

Waking In Vallecitos

I Am A Spring

Closing Night

The Sacred Mountain

Song Words


Ennui of the Gods

High Desert Mesa Prayer

Mordechai the light, the bankbook…

I loll in time, bask in piles of minutes

Jornada del Muerte

The Writer

Street Performer

The Echoes of Zion

The Two Pillars of the World 


Zion, my home



Poems for Aletheia

The poems for Aletheia were written as part of the text of our newest music theater work.  Some were strongly altered in the libretto, and some were not used.  These are mostly the original versions.  They are to be understood as fragments of a larger whole and intended for music theater.  We have made some rather rough recordings of some of the songs, and some include videos.  We are now in the final stages of rehearsing Aletheia (summer 2013) and hope to soon make much better recordings.  I've put links to the initial recordings on the pages of those poems which are indicated with an asterisk.


*Breeze blow fool of my soul

*Follow me my light

*Into the splashless pool of silent losses

*Time to inhale the fetid air and sing  

*Was that you beneath my ear  

From my window I see the lanterns are lit

air, black, blackest air

Like putty I use certain words on my face

As I behold the urbane carcass 

Deep in water a gash-toothed shark

Neither Rose Garden Kisses or Scarlet

Natural Mysteries

The Truth Singer