The Sacred Mountain


Into the pure rock soul of mother mountain,

who on her wide back, looks into bottomless sky, flies the crystal flickerings

of stars so far away they might as well not exist, but they do—so that She, so that we,

may glint together and wonder about one another.


Her upward eyes receive the universe as She shows the cosmos her rapturous body

that the outer edges of all that is—the sky—

touches eternally in love, so beyond our small hearts that it might as well be the indifference of science, but isn’t.


Her rock body so massive it might as well be the moon.  But it is She, the reclining seer who sees us with mother eyes as she sleeps.


And in my dreams, my hand reaches Her and disappears into soft, cloudlike love.

Then my eyes open to the glinting stars.



Talhausen, Germany

March 3, 2013