Song Words


What makes a word sing?

I feel the vibration, musical,

deep in my vowels,

filling me up. Buzzing my lips

from within the organ chambers.


Ah eh ee oh oo

tell of the baby’s rounded shapes.

The many bells unrung within,

rung by song--

the flight of the word.


We live another life

in the singing word.

Our feet disappear

and we cannot feel the ground.

Through the ears comes the soaring

and the scratch of the earth is no more.


The ghost of the Logos appears

as resonance, the answering answer.

The meaning before the word.

Sung, fool is beautiful. 

Said, fool smudges us all.

The singer surrenders to what sings.

Her words wordless be

in song.  



Daffe Tazza

Taos, NM

August 5, 2009