Street Scene for the Last Mad Soprano

performed by Megan Baddeley

This is soprano Megan Baddeley’s performance of Street Scene for the Last Mad Soprano directed by Abbie Conant which was presented at the Trossingen University of Music on June 26, 2022. It was offered in partial completement of her Master’s Degree in Musikvermittlung (literally Musical Mediation,) a German degree centered around concepts of how music is related to society.

Her excellent performance illustrates that our works can be performed without the soloist actually performing on an instrument (as in the performances by Abbie,) and are just as viable if the performer finds other alternatives.

For more much information about the work, including program notes, articles, and a link to a disseration about the work by Dr. Jessica Butler, go hereYou can contact Megan at: meganpbaddeley{at}

Megan Baddely: soprano/performance-artist.
Abbie Conant: Direction and trombone overdub:
William Osborne: Music, text, and video post production.