Chancellor critizices 68ers

and Internet Youth

Sent to various lists on March  2, 2000


The Vienna Opera Ball discussed below is associated with the Vienna State Opera.  The article portrays the Ball's wealthy patrons who are similar to the New York patrons who bring the VPO to Carnegie. 


The State Opera Orchestra orchestra forbids membership to non-whites and women (excepting harpists.)  


Chancellor  Wolfgang Schluessel has dismissed domestic and international protests against Austria's far right government:  "Those from the old left, the generation of 1968, can have a good romp with the young and the Internet generation," he said.  "Then we will return to normality and get on with the work that has to be done." 

[_The New York Times_ (February 20, 2000):12.]


I wish the IAWM's 68ers and "Internet youth" continued happy "romping." 


William Osborne