Documentary Film: Judy Chicago's Dinner Party 


I found information for the documentary film about the making of "Dinner Party." It documents not only the work, but also the "Zeitgeist" of feminism in the arts in the late 60s and early 70s. Even though it is about another genre, this film would be very rewarding for the students in women and music classes. The info:

Title and description: 
Right Out of History: The Making of Judy Chicago's Dinner Party.

By Johanna Demetrakas. Format: VHS, Viewing time: 75 minutes.

Right Out of History reveals the behind-the-scenes drama of the enormous undertaking of the creation of this symbolic history of women in western civilization. Filmed between 1975 -1979 this documentary reveals the meticulous research, the technical problems, the financial pressures, and the amount of sheer physical labor involved in the creating of this iconographic work of art.

Available from:
Phoenix Films, 2349 Chaffe Drive, St. Louis, MO 63146. Phone: Office (800) 221 1274, St. Louis: (314) 569 0211

I also highly recommend Chicago's autobiography: Judy Chicago, _Through the Flower: My Struggle As A Woman Artist_ (Penguin Books, 1993). [The original edition was published by Doubleday & Co., Inc. in 1975.] The book includes an interesting introduction by Anais Nin, who encouraged Chicago's work.

William Osborne